Letters from the girls

Below are four letters from SHE girls telling us about themselves and how they are getting on at school. It is so interesting to see their reflections. 

My name is Monalisa. 

I am 10 years old. I live in S****e village in Tsholotsho. I am an orphan living in one parent family. I live with my mother and other two siblings and I’m the youngest. 

I am doing grade 5. I love agriculture because we grow food we can eat like carrots & tomatoes. I like watering too.

SHE has been helpful to me, they have gave me uniforms & school fees. They have been so good to me  because my parents cant afford to pay my school fees.


Thank you

My name is Nomalanga. 

I have 14 years. I am an orphan. I am doing my form studies at a local boarding school. I love learning English language a lot.

I would like to thank SHE for helping me proceed with my studies. They have been helpful with school uniforms, food & most importantly school fees.


Thank you

My name is Zinhle. 

I am doing grade 7 at Si**** Primary.  I love school and learning .

At school I love different learning activities and playing netball. 

I really appreciate the help SHE has gave us and me in particular. Their programme is really helpfully especially to me an orphan they help me with school fees & school uniforms .


Thank you




My name is Diana.

I have 14 years. I’m currently doing Form 1 at a local boarding school.

I live in Sk**** village.

I love learning about SHE activities. SHE is quite helpful & kind to us for they have assisted me with different things including my school fees, food hampers and uniforms.

I say SHE is the best.