#BeatriceUpdate – Health Checks

We recently conducted our heath checks in Beatrice for our 15 SHE girls, in partnership with Phulukisa Health Solutions.

In addition to Phulukisa Health Solutions conducting the health checks, they also kindly were able to train other nurses who were involved in this activity, to use the new state-of-the-art machines recently acquired by SHE.

The health checks were a great success! All girls were checked and those girls who aspire to be nurses one day, were able to interact with the nurses and ask them questions concerning the profession, which was the highlight of their day.

Our visit to Beatrice This also gave us time to get time to interact with our she girls and to hear some of the issues and get to know them better.During this interactions the girls express their gratitude and they also highlighted they no longer feel out of place at school because they have uniforms and also the miss school . The teachers also applauded the project and mention that they children are have improved in terms of performance #She#securehopeempowered