#BeatriceUpdate – Health Checks

We recently conducted our heath checks in Beatrice for our 15 SHE girls, in partnership with Phulukisa Health Solutions.

In addition to Phulukisa Health Solutions conducting the health checks, they also kindly were able to train other nurses who were involved in this activity, to use the new state-of-the-art machines recently acquired by SHE.

The health checks were a great success! All girls were checked and those girls who aspire to be nurses one day, were able to interact with the nurses and ask them questions concerning the profession, which was the highlight of their day.

Our visit to Beatrice This also gave us time to get time to interact with our she girls and to hear some of the issues and get to know them better.During this interactions the girls express their gratitude and they also highlighted they no longer feel out of place at school because they have uniforms and also the miss school . The teachers also applauded the project and mention that they children are have improved in terms of performance #She#securehopeempowered

#SHEWALKS2 – Bicycle Drive

This year, in response to the sole purpose of SHE Walks, our aim is to raise enough funds to provide brand-new bicycles for our SHE girls. This will ensure that they do not have to walk such long distances to school daily.

For just £185, this amount will fully fund one bicycle.

Our goal is to provide bicycles to ten girls this year.

To donate towards a bicycle, please feel free to visit our website:https://she.live.

For more information about this initiative, please contact:

Mayda (CEO of Catalyst Foundation) – mayda@catalystfoundation.life (UK) or

Talent (SHE Field Programme Manager) – talent@catalystfoundation.life; +263 78 415 6052 (Zimbabwe).


#StudentSaturday – Meet Simangaliso Tembo

Simangaliso is a 10 year old girl who lives with her paternal grandparents, as sadly, her mother passed on and her father has been absent. Her grandfather is unemployed and unable to pay her school fees thus, without support, it is very difficult for Simangaliso to access school textbooks, school lunches and a complete uniform.

Simangaliso is currently in Grade 4 and her favourite subject is English. In order for her to get to school everyday, she has to walk for two hours, to and fro. This determination to be educated, shown by Simangaliso, is one of the reasons why us at SHE, are so proud of her!

Despite facing such critical challenges, Simangaliso dreams to be a teacher one day and aims to emphasise the value of education to others, due to her passion for learning!

Simangaliso’s grandparents are happy to allow anyone who wishes to assist her, to visit them anytime.


#FlashbackFriday – Meet Vimbainashe – one of our SHE volunteers.

As we get closer to this year’s SHE Walks, Vimbai reflected on her experiences last year and why she chose to take part in the very first SHE Walks event.

She is very excited for #SHEWALSK2 and she hopes that you are too!

For more information on this event, please feel free to contact:

UK- Mayda (CEO of Catalyst Foundation) on mayda@catalystfoundation.life or +447572226969 or

Zimbabwe- Talent (SHE Programme Manager) on talent@catalystfoundation.life or +263 78 513 6577.

Registrations scan be made through:

UK and abroad – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/…/she-walks-is-back…

Zimbabwe – https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSfIjpVeO2-ud…/viewform

We look forward to seeing you there!


SHE Walks 2021 – Participant Testimonial (Prosper, SHE Volunteer)

I heard about SHE Walks from my brother and he asked me if I wanted to participate, of course I did! I really wanted to participate in this event because I felt that it was going to be a good challenge, I love fitness as I am a fitness coach and I love fundraising for charity!

We walked close to 40km across several days in Harare’s Borrowdale and Ballantyne Park areas. I have completed various charity walks in the past, but this has to be my most enjoyable walk that I have done to date.

I would recommend the walk to others as it is a great way to support education and enjoy a nice walk. I have already booked for this year!”


#FlashbackFriday – SHE Walks 1

Last year, we launched SHE Walks for the very first time and did not expect it to be as successful as it was. Despite this event taking place during the Covid Lockdown, we managed to have 15 Zimbabweans take part and 80 from the UK and abroad.

Seeing everyone come together as one to support SHE was spectacular! Our aim for this year’s event – #SHEWALKS2, is to continue this momentum and double our registrations. So far, we have had numerous registrations completed and we look forward to these numbers increasing as time goes by.



If you are based in the UK and abroad, registrations can be done through Eventbrite. Please follow the link below:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/…/she-walks-is-back…

For those based in Zimbabwe, please feel free to follow the link below:https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSfIjpVeO2-ud…/viewform

We look forward to you all walking with us and raising awareness, as we strive to make girls in education commonplace.

SHE Walks is back for round 2!

SHEWALKS2 – SHE Walks is back for round 2! Registrations have officially opened.

Anyone is welcome to be part of this event – bring along your friends, family, work colleagues or anyone else that you would like.

If you are based in the UK and abroad, registrations can be done through Eventbrite. Please follow the link below: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/she-walks-is-back-registration-300868554947?utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&utm-medium=discovery&utm-term=listing&utm-source=cp&aff=escb

For those based in Zimbabwe, please feel free to follow the link below:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfIjpVeO2-ud_shE9ZNTcMbiv3HuLfFAg3VIw94e9L_Yiz5_A/viewform

We look forward to you all walking with us and raising awareness, as we strive to make girls in education commonplace.



The participation of beneficiaries in the design and implementation of intervention is a key priority of the SHE (Secure, Hope, Empower) Project; “Led by the girls in removing barriers to their education.” But what does this really entail and why is it a priority? Participation allows for a scenario whereby the girls’ aspirations and goals dovetail with the vision of Catalyst Foundation. Imposed intervention diminishes beneficiaries’ agency and impinges on their growth and development. Participation has a lot of benefits which include, tailored intervention, strengthening of sustainability, appropriate use of resources, empowerment of beneficiaries.

Being “led by girls” means girls, who are the direct beneficiaries, are experts of their circumstances as they are intimate with the barriers they face in accessing their education and should take a leading role in any intervention design targeting them. This is especially significant in Sub-Saharan Africa where there is a risk of a donor model which is top-down, agenda driven and expert led without grassroots consultation. Beneficiaries should be involved in information sharing, consultation, decision making and initiating action in program activities. Interventions should factor in the power of context – what works well in one setting might be ineffective in another.

In addition, development is not development unless it is considered so by targeted beneficiaries. Real development must involve beneficiaries in their own improvement. Without participation, the girls may benefit but not develop from the project. Participation therefore has an intrinsic value.  Meeting beneficiaries at their level is key to understanding what their felt needs are. Early involvement of the project beneficiaries and other stakeholders not only improves project design but influences the outcome taking into cognizance the concerns of all stakeholders. Through participation, beneficiaries actively pursue identification of their needs, make decisions and contribute to mechanisms to have these needs materialize. Participation elicits actual definition of challenges whilst capturing the beneficiaries’ hopes and aspirations as part of the bottom-up approach.

Furthermore, participation strengthens project sustainability. Inclusion of beneficiaries at every stage of the project fosters a sense of community ownership. Participation in decision-making allows for the capacity building process as nothing is done for beneficiaries but with them.  As beneficiaries participate in making new decisions and solving problems, learning takes place. This learning is internalized because it is accomplished experientially rather than by role. It therefore leads to changes in attitude, behavior, confidence and leadership. An empowered person is one who can take initiative, exert leadership, display confidence, solve new problems, mobilize resources and undertake new actions.     

In the same vein, representation of all stakeholders promotes the inclusion of marginalized and the often under-represented groups such as people living with impairments. When given the opportunity, such beneficiaries have demonstrated the ability to deliberate, negotiate and advocate for their own agenda in meaningful ways. This is critical for the success of inclusive community development projects such as SHE Project which is based on non-discriminatory practice.

On the overall, participation ensures that children and families are empowered through involvement in the processes and decisions that affect their lives. The right of children to have their voices heard has been enshrined in an international treaty, the Convention on the Rights of Children 1991 and there is no better way of implementing the SHE Project other than being led by girls in removing barriers to their education.

Back to School supplies

The SHE girls are headed back to school for the Autumn term, and like kids  in the UK and we’d love it if you would contribute to their Back to School supplies while you shop for your little ones. 

You could equip a girl returning to secondary school for just £50 plus textbooks.

Or gift a bicycle to a girl who walks literal miles every day for only £130.

Or choose to support multiple girls with a range of 4 textbooks for only £100!

Here’s what their supplies cost so feel free to make up your own Back to School packs:

Primary uniforms just £11 each 
Secondary Uniforms just £24 each 
Sun hats only £5
School shoes £10
Backpack £7

Stationery just £4
Textbook per subject £25

Bicycle £130